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Meet Bernadette

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Meet Bernadette Hood, an accomplished artist whose path to creating unique animal portraits has been a journey of growth and inspiration. As a young child attending parochial school, Bernadette's artistic flair faced challenges, but her passion couldn't be dimmed. A shift to a public school in 9th grade changed the game, introducing her to an encouraging art teacher who nurtured her talent and shared valuable techniques to enhance her drawings and paintings.

A significant moment in Bernadette's artistic journey was when she entered a landscape watercolor painting into a school competition and proudly walked away with a blue ribbon. While juggling the responsibilities of being a young mother, she pursued her love for art by attending group painting sessions at a local community college, primarily focusing on working with oils. Her dedication paid off when someone showed interest in purchasing one of her landscape paintings even before its completion.

Bernadette Hood Art studio

Life led her to Boston for 14 years after her divorce, during which time she sought artistic education at the Katherine Martin Widmer School of Painting. There, she delved into the world of acrylics, a medium she embraced and mastered. Upon returning to Vermont in 2012, Bernadette joined the Montpelier Senior Center, refining her skills under the guidance of Sylvia Walker, a mentor whose wisdom proved invaluable. Driven by a desire to share her art, she found opportunities to exhibit her diverse subjects – from landscapes to musicians and from flowers to animals – in local venues like Bagitos and Sweet Melissa's.

Becoming a member of the Art Resource Association opened doors to display her work in various exhibitions around the Montpelier area. Through this association, she secured a fellowship that granted her a week at the Vermont Studio Center, where she learned from accomplished artists and reignited her artistic passion.

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Yet, the true spark that ignited a renewed sense of purpose within Bernadette was a different experience altogether. Attending the Warrior Connection retreat for spouses of Vietnam veterans, she discovered the therapeutic power of art. This transformative process, coupled with a poignant message from her childhood dog, Mike, led her to her true calling: painting animal portraits. This revelation marked a turning point in Bernadette's life. Encouraged by her first commissioned portrait of a recently departed dog, she bravely shared her services through social media and word of mouth. The response was overwhelming, and she has since poured her heart into capturing the essence of over 60 pets in her portraits.

Whether creating memorials for pets that have passed or immortalizing beloved furry companions on their journeys, Bernadette finds immense fulfillment in bringing happiness to her clients' lives through her art. The love and care she invests in each portrait reflect her authentic purpose, leaving a legacy of joy and cherished memories.

Pet Portraits- Memorial Portraits- Customized Commissions 

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