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Step into a world of artistry and heartfelt connections at Bernadette Hood Art 

Mardi Acrylics 8 x10 canvas.jpg

Whether your loyal companion has crossed the rainbow bridge or is still by your side, she will beautifully memorialize your furry friend, creating a timeless tribute that celebrates the bond you share.

A pet portrait is more than just a painting; it's a tangible representation of the love and companionship that brings so much joy to our lives.


Pet portraits not only celebrate the beauty of animals but also enhance the ambiance of your home, creating a space that feels truly inviting and personal.

 Each portrait is infused with love and care, reflecting the deep connection she forges with her clients and their furry companions.

Commission a pet portrait and experience the beauty, joy, and love that radiate from these exquisite creations. 

Dog portrait


Stretched Canvas


8 x 10    ONE subject $225


11 x 14     TWO subjects $325


* Includes Shipping

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